How school and work change during the COVID-19 pandemic


By Brendan McWilliam

With COVID-19 being part of our lives for about half a year now, many people have become used to the extra hygienic protocols and personal responsibilities that have come with the pandemic. Many people continue to be affected by COVID-19, whether it be through their work, their social life or their mental health.

The pandemic experience has been somewhat difficult for me in terms of physical connections with friends and the online learning experience. I was fortunate enough to continue working at my job over the summer, but there were many new policies that were annoying to deal with. I was limited to how many friends I could hang out with, either because of their own skepticism or that of their parents, and online learning can be pretty draining on some occasions.

However, there is often a focus on one’s problems more than others during this time where not many people consider what other individuals are going through. In this video, I present examples of how people’s lives have changed because of the pandemic. These perspectives are from my mother, Cheryl; my father, Michael and my girlfriend, Brooke. These stories are of great importance to me because I can make a stronger connection with the feelings of three people who are very close to me.

These three stories helped me to create a better understanding of how the people closest to me are experiencing the pandemic differently and can hopefully illustrate a message that people in all areas of life have been affected.